As a political science major, research is a component of many classes. Here is the academic research I completed as part of my coursework.

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The Supreme Court on U.S. v. Windsor: Federalism or Equal Protection?
Spring 2014 – A paper for my Constitutional Law course, focusing on the logic behind the U.S. v. Windsor decision. I assert that the Supreme Court will rely on Equal Protection reasoning in future cases, as the Court did in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Political Thought of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Fall 2013 – For a class in American Political Thought, I analyzed the works of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. While her political thought may appear inconsistent, she stays firmly rooted in the classical liberal tradition.

Policy Brief: Which Type of Government is Best for Egypt?
Fall 2012 – As a part of an Intro to Comparative Politics class, I wrote a policy brief on a new government for Egypt. I chose a form of government that would create and maintain democracy in the country after Mubarak’s reign.